All photography are images of Gracious Decor work

Since 2010, we have stylized, designed and executed weddings and private affairs with a level of quality and sophistication.   We are entrepreneurs at heart therefore passion drives us, details keeps us up at night, design makes us smile.


Our Mission

We are a modern floral design company dedicated to bringing our clients flawless productions.

A passion for creativity, attention to detail and integrity sets the character of Gracious Decor.  We extend a heartfelt congratulation to you on the upcoming event.

We have a wide array of styles, designs and ideas. Together we can create endless possibilities

One voice, one image, one flower can change the room
— Gracious Decor, A Floral Design Company

What We've Achieved

  • Six years of success, over 50+ intimate weddings
  • Weddings featured in Maharani Wedding Blog
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