Our Journey

Can't fight the misfits, the rebels, those that just have to create, it's how we started, finding a good designer who is trusted and personable a decade ago was quite the challenge.  Beyond that sticking to the rules, finding conformity to corporate standards kept sinking the soul.  So over six years and going here we are, as is with all parts of entrepreneurship we've learned, we've failed, we've bounced but more importantly we've stayed resilient.  The hands that design matter, the folks behind the work matter and today we've designed for countless events.  With over 50+ events under our belt, two kids later we are proud to call ourselves a family run business.

Why flowers, they make us smile, they are the closest gifts of something higher that we can see here today.  What have we learned, digital is key, all things are digital and we are proud to service our customers in a high tech, digital driven world.  Our consulting services can happen everywhere, from live in person to remote virtual samplings. So for those out there hoping it happens in NY; we take the heavy lifting away, we make it happen.

Till next time, because entrepreneurs are busy people, most importantly they are forever in gratitude for the extra hands that help them day in day out -